Friday, May 22, 2015


       Hey Guys! I've been a little caught up with work and school, plus all the little things that have been happening in-between. So I haven't been reading a lot lately, usually its a paragraph or two a day if I'm lucky. Hopefully things will get better soon. But for now here's another review to tie ya'll over....

                               Blackbringer by Laini Taylor
        Magpie is a demon hunting Fairy, who travels the world with her caravan of crows. She plans to live a life like the one of her hero Bellatrix, recapturing demons and sending them back to the jars from once they came. Out of all the demons to escape the Blackbringer is the worst and it's Magpie' s job to stop him with the help of her crows and some new friends she meets along the way.

       This was the first book I read by Laini Taylor, I bought it dirt cheap and expected the worst. Instead it proved me wrong and turned into a wonderful read. There were even several pictures, that helped with visioning some of the characters. The best part is it didn't really stereotype fairies at all, sure you had those few who could almost be considered your typical fairy but most of them were out side the norm from what is usually read about fairies. It was a nice change of pace, cause who needs sweet/mischievous fairies when you can have daring/adventurous ones instead! There is soooooo much to compliment about this book, and everyone should just read it to find out why!

     Ya this was a little short, I'm just trying to squeeze it in really quickly between my current school project and another fun assignment. Sarcastic yay inserted here. But it's almost over so I'm just gonna suck it up for now and hope for the best. Best being, more reading time and tons of good books. Which is what I might ask for my birthday... Alright I've got to get back to work. Talk To You All Later! -Kaitlynn

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