Sunday, April 26, 2015

Crime and Punishment

         Hey Guys! Finally done with Crime and Punishment! So excited to... oh wait never mind. I've got another book I got to read for English. So it looks like I'm still waiting to read all the cool books I've been stocking up on. Also I feel bad, I just realized I disabled comments for just shy of everyone on accident. But I've fixed it now, so every one can leave their beautiful comments here now! (This was discovered as a product of further "procrastination" the other day.)

                                       Crime and Punishment  By Fyodor Dostoevsky
          Follow the path of Raskolnikov as he descends slowly into madness as a result of a crime he committed.
       (Really that's the best description there is cause really that's really the entire book in a nut shell.)

         If I didn't have to read it for school I would have enjoyed it a bit more. It was a great book, if you like detail. It's one of those take it slowly and pay attention to imagery and all other things.  That's really why there is a down side. It's very detailed and some details can't be missed.  (That may just be my opinion about the details...) But that goes with the heavy Russian text deal. But I loved it and would have loved it more if I didn't have to rush read it to meet slightly unreasonable deadlines.

       Sorry this was kind of short. It is kind of hard to describe Crime and Punishment. I did like reading about mental instability though. It allowed me to use some of my odd ball facts in discussions. But I can't wait until I can read whatever I want again. Just a couple of days way now, might have to keep a count down somewhere... The tough choice is going to be what to read, cause I've got a huge list now!  I guess I should go see about finishing my last required (outside of class) English book. Talk To You All Later! - Kaitlynn

Friday, April 3, 2015


         Hey Guys! I decided to procrastinate some more, well technically it's not procrastination when you don't have the materials to do the things you're supposed to be doing. Well then again, if you've got Doctor Who on then its definitely procrastination. So yep there we go, in a round about way I'm procrastinating. Ok, before I bore you all even more let's get on with the review.

                                       Graceling by Kristin Cashore
             Graces are abilities that set special people apart in Katsa world. It isn't to hard to tell if you've got one, usually your eyes are a unusual color. The Graces can be something simple like being an amazing dancer, or being graced with the ability to be an expert killer (If you didn't guess already, this ones Katsa's Grace). Katsa is forced to use her Grace for the king. When Katsa meets Po her whole world starts to change as she begins to learn the truth about her grace.

          I loved this book, I read it about four or five years ago. (If you couldn't tell by the slightly choppy description of the book) Sure it had some romance in it (not my favorite parts of any book, not even in my top ten genres) but I feel that the amount of action made up for it.

                                     Fire by Kristin Cashore
                   Fire as the Grace to control peoples minds. She doesn't like to do it to the innocent, mostly cause she has secrets she's hiding just as much as the innocent people are too. When Brigan  comes to town and asks for her help to uncover a possible plot against the throne. Can Fire do it, or will she let her fears get the best of her?

         I don't remember much about this book, I think it's cause I read it right after Graceling with out letting Graceling set in first. It must have been good, I don't know. I might have to reread the whole series and come back to redo this part of the review....

                                  Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore
           Bitterblue rose to the throne at a young age, because of this the kingdoms advisors have been running the kingdom for her until she comes of age to be able to run the kingdom. Bitterblue decides the only way to better run her kingdom is to dive into the past, may that be by sneaking out at night or by two thieves who only want to steal what's been already stolen.

         I disliked this book, I remember it just dragging, and dragging. Sure the idea was there, and it was a pretty good one, but I think it was the amount of unnecessary detail that kept me from truly enjoying it. There was also an extreme lack of action, which made this book way different then the last two in the series.

              Alright, I feel better now that I've gotten this whole series sort of off my chest. I feel bad that I just couldn't do it justice. The first two books were good, go read them. If you want to read the third be my guest I'm not going to discourage reading of any kind. Ok, I guess I'm off to finish an episode of Doctor Who, read some Crime and Punishment, and then start a Shakespeare play. I love Shakespeare and absolutely can't wait to start the play I'm going to read. Well, Talk To You All Later! -Kaitlynn

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Thursday, April 2, 2015


          Hey Guys! I should be finishing up the last 100 or so pages of Crime and Punishment but I thought I'd put off my procrastination to come here and do a review (which could be considered an extension of my procrastination)! Worst part is I've wasted most of my spring break putting it off. Then again I don't think working can be considered part of putting something off but whatever I'm just rambling now....

                                    Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch
               After sixteen years of being on the run from another kingdom. The seven remaining refugees of winter are no closer to getting their home back. The first step is to get the locket, it's nearly impossible when its been split in two. Not as impossible as it might seem for Meira. As Meira and the other refugees get closer to freeing the kingdom of Winter,  Meira starts to realize things might not be as they originally seemed. Will she be able to sort it all out in time to get the locket and save the kingdom of Winter?

        Ok, I'm going to admit there is no rating system to even express how much I loved this book. Sure the love triangle thing was a bit out there and could have been left out, But it was an epic book none the less. Some of the characters where addicting, I had to know more about them. And some of the "plot twists" were pretty good. I don't know if I would want a sequel to this, sure the ending meant there was probably going to be one (in this day and age what book doesn't have a sequel). But There would have to be some pretty big "earth shattering" event to have it be good and top the first book.

         I'm so glad this ran across my Goodreads page, I had forgotten that I read it earlier in the school year. That's the nice part about having a Goodreads page, you can rediscover all those books that you haven't read in forever but know that you did at some point. The lucky downside is that your To-Read List gets longer the more you hang out on there. I'm so lucky to have it not be able to load on my I-pod or else I'd have literally the entire public library on there! I can't wait to be done with required reading for school, then I can check out the whole library and enjoy reading again! Well I've got to go waste the rest of my day and spring break, Talk To You All Later! -Kaitlynn

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