Sunday, October 13, 2013

Myth? Bring it on!

       Hey guys! For English I was told to write a myth. The myth had to explain something in nature. So like normal everyone takes my ideas but I found the ultimate card. And that card would end up being my myth which I am going to share with you all. (Please don't copy it or steal it or what ever the term is now days. I worked really hard to get this done and wouldn't like it if I learned it was being copied and used for other projects.) So enjoy! (It makes a really good children's story)

                                                                  The Origin of Forests

        One day after hours of hunting on the plains and earning nothing, Wolf asked her friend Bear a simple question. “Bear, why is there no place for us? The buffalo have the plains, the fish have the rivers, and the birds have the sky! But there is nothing left for us!” Bear didn’t know how to answer Wolf’s question. So bear told her to go ask his friend Moose. “Great idea Bear! Thanks!” With that Wolf took off to find Bear’s friend Moose. When Wolf found Moose she asked him the same question. Moose told her, “This is a question that I do not have an answer for. Even I wonder too what it would be like to have a home like the birds.” Moose joined Wolf and thought that his cousin Elk would have the answer. So Moose and Wolf set off to find Elk. When they found Elk, Moose asked her Wolf’s question. Elk sat down and thought about the question. “Moose… Wolf… Have you asked Owl yet? She is sure to know.” Elk then joined Moose and Wolf on their search for the answer to Wolf’s question. When the group got to Owl’s place Wolf asked, “Wise Owl, Why is there no place for us? The Buffalo roam the plains, fish have the rivers, and the birds have the sky… But that leaves nothing for us!” Owl thought and thought and thought some more.  “Wolf, you ask a good question… But I do not know the answer.” Wolf started to cry and Moose got very mad at Owl. “Owl, how could you not know the answer!?!? You are the wisest! You are supposed to know!” Moose and Owl argued for hours while Elk comforted Wolf. In morning when the sun rose a beautiful yellow butterfly flew up to them. The butterfly told them, “Mother Beetle would like to see you.” None of the questioned the butterfly they only followed. On the way to Mother Beetle’s they picked up Bear. They also ran into Rabbit and Rabbit asked, “Hey guys! Where are you going? Is it exciting? Is it dangerous? Or scary? Or fun?” Wolf told Rabbit that they were going to see Mother Beetle. Rabbit got excited and followed them to see Mother Beetle.  After hours of traveling they finally to Mother Beetle’s. Mother Beetle welcomed them and asked them what their question was. Wolf answered Mother, “Our question is why there is no place for us? Buffalo have the plains, fish have the rivers, and the birds have the sky.” Mother Beetle look puzzled at the question. She thought about it. “Wolf you have given me an idea… I will make a place for you and your friends. It will have lots of trees and we will call it a forest. You and all of your friends can live there.” All the animals cheered about their new home and thanked Mother Beetle for it.  They all left and went to their new home in the forest. Bear found beautiful cave to live in, while Moose and Elk found a clearing with lots of yummy green grass. Owl found a big tree and moved in with out a second thought. Rabbit found a nice green bush that grew tasty red berries and dug a hole underneath it. While Wolf found a good looking cave next to a calm stream that had fish swimming happily through it. All the animals where happy in their new homes and lived in the forest peacefully forever.

Favourite Book Character?

   Along with many other things I heard the other day among them where.. "What is your favourite book character?". It took some thought and a very long list, that ended with me deciding that I don't have just one favourite book character. Another thing I heard made me kind of extremely sad, some one had said some thing about never reading books or hating them. Of which was really said escapes my memory. I really can't see why some one wouldn't ever want to not read a book! But well That isn't what is important right now. Or why I even got on today! I kind of got off the main topic which was Favourite characters! As I mentioned before I have way to many to pick just one. So I thought I would do Highlights! This week/month/time ( I don't know how often I can do this.) I am going to highlight some  characters that right now I rather like the most right now.

                           Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

   Jace- I don't have a reason why I like him. I just think that he is a awesome character, I wonder if his character is going to be good in the movie.....

   Magnus Bane- Again I don't have a reason why I like him. Except that it's Magnus Bane! how could you not like him?

   Alec- There are just some one liners that just make the whole chapter worth it. That is really the only reason I like him.

                         Infernal devices by Cassandra Clare

Will- Like Jace I don't know why I like him. It might be that right off the bat he was just a really funny character to me. The way he acted and some of the things he said made me in some way adore him.

Jem- He is here mostly because I am so glad some one added in a violinist! I love my violin and reading about some one who loves theirs too, they instantly become a favorite!

Tessa- I like her better than Clary. She isn't helpless and she as a really fun attitude. (Or I think it as a fun one...)

      That is it for now... but I promise that I will try and keep up with this. I may go by series but then again I am really unsure as to where this can and will be going. I would love to hear what your guys favorite characters are! They could be from books or T.V. shows or even Movies! Well I need to get going, lots of just annoying homework to get done. Talk To You All Later! -Kaitlynn

Thursday, October 10, 2013


           I haven't done a music post lately. Which means I have a long list of Cd's I have gotten or I have been listening to on YouTube. Here are just a few (most are full albums but some single songs)...

                                  Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

Blessed Unrest by Sara Bareilles
Carry on my Time Traveling Detective by Violinistbaka
Pumped up kicks cover by the Vitamin String Quartet


        Hey guys! I have been super busy with homework and huge projects. But I have found some time to do a another review! This was the first book I had checked out of my new library. I was a bit upset with the library system. They don't have actual librarians checking you out, You scan your books and check your self out. This isn't bad it just sucks because I wont able to know if what I am checking out is worth it or not. I now have no input from people! This is something I am very used to but I guess I will have to get over it soon. Now on to my review.....

                                               Reboot by Amy Tintera

                     Our story starts in Texas the only state left after a huge disaster. People who have come back after being dead are called Reboots. They are similar to zombies but they are more human than a zombie.  Each Reboot is named by how long they were dead. Our main character Wren was dead for 178 minutes. So her "name" is 178.  Wren (178) is the top Reboot (because when you reboot depending on how long you were "dead" you lost part of your "humanness", like emotions and you heal faster.) she is also the only Reboot whose number is that high. Wren trains newbies for the program that houses Reboots. One day a kid whose number was 22 shows up. This causes her whole world to be turned upside down. Adventure, action, and tiny bit of a love story are in store in this great read.

              I rate this book a 5/5 stars. I thought it was very well written and very action packed. I really just hope that she doesn't ruin the book by making a sequel. I loved the characters and thought that the book was well written.

                This was super hard to write. That proves that I can't ever go on vacation/move. It also proves that I can't update my computer and have it work right ever. Been having problems with my computer, but I hope that it just holds out till the end of the school year. I really need to get going. Talk To You All Later! -Kaitlynn