Sunday, February 23, 2014

Your a Natural at What?

          Hey Guys! I wasn't expect to finish my book so fast! But I am seriously regretting not buying it. Before I drone on any longer.... On to the review!

                                             The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
               Cassie is anything but normal. She can tell you exactly what you like, how you live, and what you do. She been doing that since she was little, her mom had taught her what to look for. That was all until her mother was killed. Years later Cassie is asked to join a government program for people called Naturals. Naturals are people who are good at things like: statistics, profiling, reading emotions, lying, etc. This program uses Naturals to solve cold cases. Where does Cassie fit in? She's one of these Naturals. But she also has another reason for joining... She believes that if she joins she can solve her mothers murder. When Cassie joins weird things start happening. Is Cassie connected to these weird things, or is she just an innocent caught up in what's happening?

         I rate this book a 5/5 stars. I just loved this book! If I didn't have to give it back to the library I would reread it until the poor thing was falling apart. The only thing I didn't like is that the author is still making me pick between two characters, Dean and Michael. I like them both and by the end I couldn't chose just one to like more than the other! But it was a really good book, and it kept me guessing till the very end. Not very many books do that to me now days.

     I'm starting to regret not picking up another book from the library. I didn't think I would have the time, or like the book enough to finish it in one day. For now I guess it is on to Fire Storm by Andrew Lane. Hope that it lasts more than a day because if not... I'm in some serious trouble cause I don't have time to swing by the library this week. Talk To You All Later!- Kaitlynn

Saturday, February 22, 2014

What Kind of House? (Also Spoilers, Kind of....)

         Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't posted in well..... what probably felt like forever. I got extremely busy and misplaced things. But now I back and hope to have more time! I apologize before hand if my post today just sucks because I am going to try to review the fourth book in a series and try not to completely ruin every thing. I'm sure I'll ruin something for you guys but I will try my hardest not to. So on to the review!

                                           House of Hades by Rick Riordan
               Percy and Annabeth are in underworld, the rest of the demi-gods are racing to the doors of death, in hope of reaching Percy and Annabeth in time. Both groups run into their own problems, may it be minor gods, strange creatures, etc. Will everyone make it to the doors alive, or will something go wrong?

           I rate this a 5/5 stars. Of course how could I rate this anything but a 5. I had been waiting forever to read it! I think it would be best if you guys read it. Cause I am not very good about describing things. (Also here is the list of characters or "demi-gods" : Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel, Frank, and Nico. May have forgot one or two but those are the main ones you kind of need to remember.)

        I told you it wouldn't be a very good review. I had so many things I wanted to put in it but They would have ruined just about every thing if I did. Other than that, I am currently reading The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and regretting not buying it. So far it has been a really good book, but how much you want to bet it is going to have some weird twist ending. That is something I'll have to deal with later. I must get going for now, hope to be back sooner rather than later but who knows when I'll find time again. So.... Talk To You All Later! -Kaitlynn

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feast of the Drowned

          Hey Guys! I am sorry for kind of just "dropping of the face of the earth". I have been really busy with mid-terms and lots of other things that keep popping up. SO now I have several reviews I have to catch up on. So before I get more distracted.... ON TO THE REVIEW!

                            Feast of the Drowned by Steve Cole
           The Doctor and Rose are back in London yet again. This time they get caught up in a mystery about a naval ship that sunk three months earlier. The people that were on the ship are coming back as for their loved ones to save them. Millions of people are jumping in to the Thames and not even the military can stop them. That leaves it to the Doctor and Rose to figure out what's going on. Why are the dead asking for people to save them? Who or what is do this? Will the Doctor and Rose make it out alive?

       I rate this book a 5/5 stars. I thought it was a great book, well with the exception of being to short but that is something I can live with. Really I was just happy it was actually in the library for once! Other than that I really liked some of the character interactions and the fact that (well I thought it did...) stayed pretty close to the show. (Doctor Who, for those who didn't know the characters)

         I'm sorry that the review doesn't do the book any justice and that it's really short. I was a little pressed for time and couldn't figure out how to not spoil the book. I really can't wait to do my next review! It ties back to my first review and I had been waiting for ever to read it! Well I have to go get some work done. So for now.... Talk To You All Later!-Kaitlynn