Friday, May 22, 2015


       Hey Guys! I've been a little caught up with work and school, plus all the little things that have been happening in-between. So I haven't been reading a lot lately, usually its a paragraph or two a day if I'm lucky. Hopefully things will get better soon. But for now here's another review to tie ya'll over....

                               Blackbringer by Laini Taylor
        Magpie is a demon hunting Fairy, who travels the world with her caravan of crows. She plans to live a life like the one of her hero Bellatrix, recapturing demons and sending them back to the jars from once they came. Out of all the demons to escape the Blackbringer is the worst and it's Magpie' s job to stop him with the help of her crows and some new friends she meets along the way.

       This was the first book I read by Laini Taylor, I bought it dirt cheap and expected the worst. Instead it proved me wrong and turned into a wonderful read. There were even several pictures, that helped with visioning some of the characters. The best part is it didn't really stereotype fairies at all, sure you had those few who could almost be considered your typical fairy but most of them were out side the norm from what is usually read about fairies. It was a nice change of pace, cause who needs sweet/mischievous fairies when you can have daring/adventurous ones instead! There is soooooo much to compliment about this book, and everyone should just read it to find out why!

     Ya this was a little short, I'm just trying to squeeze it in really quickly between my current school project and another fun assignment. Sarcastic yay inserted here. But it's almost over so I'm just gonna suck it up for now and hope for the best. Best being, more reading time and tons of good books. Which is what I might ask for my birthday... Alright I've got to get back to work. Talk To You All Later! -Kaitlynn

Friday, May 15, 2015

Raised by Wolves?

         Hey Guys! I've been in a little bit of a reading slump. Just can't find something that truly interests me. I wouldn't have had this problem if Target wasn't so confusing with their twenty percent off stickers and prices not matching on their price check machines! But its not really that important, so for now I thought I'd do a flash back book to make up for the fact I haven't read any thing new. I also LOVE this author and this was the first book I read by them. SO I hope you guys enjoy this review so much that you go and check them out!

                             Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
         Bryn is a human girl who was adopted by a werewolf pack after a rouge murdered her family. The pack life is pretty much all she's ever known. But every now and then Bryn's always up to breaking/bending rules to fit her needs. One day she goes against the orders of her alpha/father and goes to the basement. What she discovers forever changes her life and the lives of the people around her.

       It's been a really long time since I've read this. But I just remember it being the best buy several years ago. Even then I wasn't expecting it to be good, werewolves and surprises in basements seemed clich├ęd to me. But as I read it, I began to realize it was really good. After looking past a few things here and there that would have made most people stop, it was a pretty good book. (spoilers) Kind of wish she wrote a fourth book. I really want to know exactly what happened after the third one. But the second and third books will be saved as a review for another lovely day.

      I'm sure my review didn't do to much to sway your opinion on reading this book. But Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a really good author, I've read the majority of her books/series. Which gives me an idea about what to review next, a wonderful little book with a red hourglass on the front.... I'll let you guys take a guess at what that'll be. If you've got any suggestions on books I should read, go ahead and just leave them in the comments below. They should be fixed, so anyone can post a comment now. Well I've got to get going, Talk To You All Later! -Kaitlynn

Thursday, May 7, 2015


       Hey Guys! I got back here sooner then I thought, well then again I thought a lot of things and none of them turned out to be the way they were supposed to be. Kind of like the book I'm reviewing today... I couldn't even think of a title for this post that even remotely gets close to the book then what it is! Can't wait to start whatever I'm reading next, I haven't decided but hopefully whatever it is, is good.

                                  The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence by Stan Lee
            Steven's school trip to Hong Kong doesn't exactly goes as planned when he accidently gets mixed up in an odd plan to use the Chinese zodiac's powers. Unintentionally he becomes one of the twelve zodiac signs. On the run from Vanguard, Steven and several others are on a dangerous race against time and people who are more powerful then them.

        This book was ok. I found a couple typos and tons of grammar issues in the copy I read. Also it just didn't "flow" right. The second I saw the title I got all excited thinking it was going to be something awesome and I was going to be unable to read anything else for days. But no, it dragged and didn't feel like the awesome book it was made out to be. (Or at lest I assumed to be...) Also I felt the picture placement didn't make sense. Often they didn't match the part I was reading and that was really annoying. I kind of feel bad about hyping my friends up for this book, its not as great as they think it's going to be.

      I can't believe I kept reading that book, I thought it would get better and it didn't. Well it doesn't matter now cause its done and I can go read whatever I want! Again, I don't know what it'll be, but hopefully its good. If you all have suggestions they would be gladly appreciated. Seeing as I no long have my book shelf any more. Currently in the process of slowly moving my stuff to the next place. My cousin's currently going through it while its at her house. I told her she could read what she wants and I'm just glad they are going to be taken care of while they are there. Hopefully she finds something she likes.  Well I've got to get going, Talk To You All Later! -Kaitlynn