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Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy PIC'S

  Just some pic's I found.....


    Thank you all for being so patient! I found the book, it ended up in the choir room. (I am so lucky my choir teacher didn't hold it for ransom! He yells at me all the time for reading in his class...) SOOOOOOOOO...... Now the moment you all have been waiting for! (or at least I hope you have been waiting for!) Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams! OK, if you are my english teacher don't worry I am going to do the assignment but first I would love to review it so don't freak out please! (If you want you can skip to the end) BUT for the rest of you I would love you to read this whole thing. That is if you have time......... if not just come back later. (OR go back in time to this exact moment. The moment this was posted and read it..... just a suggestion) but now ON WARD TO THE REVIEW!!!!!!!! oh, and bear with me there are four parts to my copy and a short story. ( I am going to try my hardest not to ruin the "books") Also a Guide to the book so please bear with me.....

                                   The Guide to  the Guide

    This is just about how this was all thought up, how it started, and a couple of other things. I thought it was really unimportant but it did have some neat facts. Like did you know that Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was supposed to be a radio segment? OR that it originated in England. ( OK I am very sure you knew that one......)

                                Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

      This part starts with our dear friend Arthur Dent and his daily routine. It is suddenly messed up when he learns that his house is going to be demolished to make a bypass. Eventually after some arguing Arthur's friend Ford Prefect ( his name was slightly altered when it was translated....) convinces the person running the bulldozers to not do any thing while they go out for drinks. ( I was rather amused by now and I didn't know things could get any better! But they did...) While out for drinks at the local pub Ford tells Arthur that he is an alien and earth is about to be destroyed in 4 minutes to make a space "bypass". ( Pretty ironic because Arthur's house was being destroyed that very moment for a bypass.) Well after some drinks, returning to Arthur's now demolished house and Hitching a ride on a space ship, some babble fish, We arrive at some really bad poetry and an interesting way to get out of it. ( I will leave that for you to find out...)  Then some planet hopping, meeting Trillion, Zaphod, and Marvin, and some other really improbable things, lots of action, facts, etc. We arrive at a point to where I must stop. I mustn't ruin the book! I may have said to much already!
                                  Restaurant at the End of the Universe

       After the first part our "great" heroes are hungry and ask where the nearest restaurant was and end up being transported to the future ( I wasn't sure if it was near or distant.) where they end up at The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe. Which it literally is at the end of the universe, that is the destruction of it. There was tons of drinking, lots of eating, a quick escape, and finding Marvin! After all this they all kind of have some odd adventures and all end up in random places. there's was still lots of drinking, we get an taste of what the Earth was first like, and learn some pretty useless things. Again I may have said to much and ruined the whole book! ( well this part of it) There is still lots of time to read more of the stuff I left out. (if this is the end of time.... just go back in time like I suggested earlier but this time read the book too. You should have plenty of time, depending on how close the end of the world is to the date this was posted....)

                                  Life, the Universe and Everything
       We pick up our one of our "heroes"right where they where left. The beginning of Earth! After a couple of years of being left to him self this friend Ford comes back, well after an incident with a alien and some rather rude comments.... then they go couch chasing and have some fun with cricket. Get attacked by robots, hitchhike on another ship and learn of the origins of cricket. More drinking ( there is always time for drinks in this book! Even at the end of the universe!), meeting up with Trillion, learn about Zaphods fate (a bit) and try to stop the people of Krikket ( pronounced Cricket, of which the game cricket came from but that is a story for another time.) from destroying the earth. As to not ruin this completely or more than I have, I must stop this part here. If you where more interesting on the origins of cricket ( some thing I think I could have done with out) you can read this part of the book. I suggest you get a copy from some one else because i rather like my copy and like to not lose it again....

                                    So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

         just for the record, I was rather disappointed at this part! I thought it could have been ten billion time better. Well to some it up in less then ten sentences... Arthur falls in love after returning to earth, they date for a bit, learn that the dolphins where looking after the humans, meet an slightly insane person ( then again who in this book isn't!), and go on a little vacation to see gods final message after meeting up with Ford. Sorry for those hoping for more drinking, surprise there was next to none! I was quite shocked at that but i got over it.

                                      Young Zaphod Plays it Safe

       I really don't have much of a clue what this part was about! It is a short story some point in time about Zaphod, the space version of the Titanic, and some really dangerous stuff. Spoiler the space titanic ended the same way the Earth titanic did! I was really depressed with this one too!

   OK, over all i liked 3 out of 6 parts of my book. I guess that half is good..... so in conclusion i rate them in order from first to last. ( order reviewed) 3/5 stars, it had some interesting things but i really just wanted to start the book. ( I know I could have skipped it but where's the fun in that!). 5/5 stars, i really enjoyed this, it taught me things i will never use and had some really good jokes. 5/5 stars,for the same reason as the last one. 5/5 stars, again same as the last two. 2/5 stars, it had some good parts up it didn't make up for the fact that it basically sucked. (in my opinion) and last but not least 1/5 stars, I couldn't follow it, i was missing many important facts, and just didn't see the point. For those who have seen the movie, you can say that it had almost a completely different story plot but don't ruin it for those who haven't seen it. BUT the most important thing is to always know where your towel is!

   I bet that you (my english teacher) thought i forgot my assignment completely! well i didn't, i just wanted to have some fun before doing my real work. So, to please my english teacher here are all the answers to his questions. ( If the link doesn't work I am so sorry I will try to fix it)

    There is really no "main" character, there is a bunch but if I had to pick one it would have to be Arthur Dent. As to what motivates him... the need to survive, the thought of home, and some other completely random events that just so happen to lead their way to danger. Other than that I guess that it would have to be the Guide telling how things go what not to do, and the best place to get drinks. Also a ton of peer pressure you could say.

    Well you could say that Arthur can be heroic some times. He has saved the universe a couple of times and saved his friends too. As an example ( IF you are reading this and don't want to ruin your reading experience of this book I propose you stop because A.) this isn't for you it's for my english teacher and B.) You should have stopped 2 paragraphs ago when I said that this was for my english teacher.) Arthur save the crew of the heart of gold from smashing into a planet by pressing a small button. He really didn't spare the life of the sperm whale that the button produced or the potted flowers. ( one of the best parts thought was the sperm whale and the flowers idea of falling.) Other than that it is REALLY hard to find a good example that didn't completely tie to some thing that need a complete back story. Mainly because most of the time it was just goofing around, getting shot at, or drinking,or some other random reason. So that was the best example I could give.

    This was the hardest part, finding the perfect song. I mean perfect! I kind of failed but I found some thing that could work because, well it is just kind of bizarre like the book can be at times. the song is "Don't stop (color the walls)" by Foster the People. this wasn't what I was looking for at first but this is all I could come up with because of the deadline I set for my self that I accidentally went over. ( the reason for the post before this one.) At first I checked out the Cd for the movie and couldn't find the perfect one and after a day of two i kind of "gave" up and this came to me. SO why it fits the text, WELL ( like I said before.) this song is bizarre and so is the book. I can't just give one reason there way to MANY! I just hope this was a good enough reason.

  well here is the link-
  ( If this doesn't work tell me and I will try to fix it. I don't usually work with YouTube so I hope this goes right.)

Well to all of you who skipped to the end. Congrats you missed all the good parts! If you read the whole thing. Every thing word for word, well congrats, you get the satisfaction of being able to read! if you read every thing but the stuff for my english  class, Thanks for listening earlier when i said you didn't have to read it. other than that Thanks for reading and be read for my next book. well it is To BE Announced but for now just sit there and wonder about life, the universe, and every thing.... AND "DON'T PANIC"

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To All Who Are Waiting

   Sorry this isn't Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for those who have been so keen on my view of it. Well I will try to have it up tomorrow. It would have been to day if A.) I hadn't miss placed the book.( it is either in my choir class or math class, don't worry I will find it!) B.) My English teacher has some things I need to add for an assignment and it took a bit to find/figure out but I have it. It may be posted a bit late in the afternoon because I have academic decathlon after school. (Yay gummy bears and ginger ale!)  I will also have to pack for french camp but I should have it done tonight. Other than that I ...( couple minutes of trying to remember what I was trying to say.) Oh, I may try to post samples of my writings. (books) I enjoy writing them but would love to see what others think. Well iI need to get going talk to you all later. - kaitlynn

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The REAL Photo Album

Photo Album Info

         There are always those book quotes or book covers that you waited forever to see. Well this is what the photo album is for! I will try to post pic's of up coming books I want to read, book quotes I loved, or just random book related things. I might put book covers to books that you all have suggested or maybe sent me a review about. This I might update once every two to three weeks depending on what I have time for.  I will start taking suggestions at any time. I wont get to updating this, this weekend because I have to go to French camp! YAY! But Don't fret! I will be able to post Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by the time I leave! ( which is Friday) - kaitlynn

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Book Cover for the Heroes of Olympus

    These aren't the same book covers I have but they are one version....

first reveiw like thing.......

         Sorry for those Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, i have to write a review for my English class. ( Sorry for those who think that this is done out of my free will. Well it sort of was but i have to do english assignments on here.) I also have to finnish the last section in my version of the book.( my version has four parts and a short story.) I promise that after I finnish So Long, And Thanks for All the Fish then I will write my review. Other than my english home work I will try to post at least one review each week. Or  when ever I get time. (which maybe once every two weeks) For now I will be doing a book review on ( even though it is series) The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. Don't be alarmed if I skip chapters, I may condense some together because they are on the some subject. If you haven't read the books then 1.) what are you waiting for! 2.) you should 3.) enjoy the review if you don't want to read the books.

                                                               Book 1:  The Lost Hero

       This is the first book in the series, it starts up right where the Percy Jackson and the Olympians leaves off. (Another book series) The first chapter you get introduced to our three young hero's Jason, Piper, and Leo. They are on a class field trip to the grand canyon, while there things go hilariously wrong. Before we get to far you might need to know a bit more about our hero's. (I am going to try my best to explain while not ruining the rest of the book yet) Jason is a boy who is around 15 or 16, he has no memory of who he is and is waking up surrounded by people he doesn't know. Piper is a girl who is about the same age. She says that she is Jason's girlfriend and apparently stole a BMW. Last but not least is Leo who is a boy about the same age as Piper and Jason. he says that he is friends with both of them and hadn't run away from home multiple times. They all have ADHD and dyslexia which plays a big role a in a bit. Now back to the field trip... on the bus Jason learn who his "friends" are and who is supposedly is. He also learns that he goes to a school called Wilderness school, which is a school for kids who have been in trouble with the law at some point in time. the chaperon Coach hedge tell them about the assignment and yells at them a bit. this happens for about two to three chapters. ( I would to tell you all the funny parts but i would be here all day if i did that so i am not but if you want to know.... READ THE BOOK!) After all that Jason and his friends get attacked by ventus  which is a wind spirit. Eventually they all battle some one falls into a canyon and coach hedge is a satyr which is a Greek term for half goat half human. (If you still don't get some of the things i explain to you, you can look them up, read Greek/ roman mythology, or read Rick Riordan's books.) Then a recon team saves their butts and takes them to camp half-blood. people get weapons, get a tour, and find out their god parents are. Jason's is Zeus/Jupiter the god of the sky. Piper's is Aphrodite/Venus the goddess of love. And Leo's is Hephaestus/Vulcan the god of the forge. Well to save some time the whole rest of the book is their adventure with many pit stops and problems. Many secrets get revealed, plenty of action and lots of jokes and funny parts.  You just have to read it to see how it ends......

   I rate this book a 5/5 stars. ( It's just my opinion. But if you ask me I would tell just about every one to read the book)

                                                book 2:  The Son of Neptune

       The book starts with Percy Jackson ( who every one thinks has gone missing.) getting chased by two  furies and just happens to stumble upon the roman equivalent of camp half-blood, Camp Jupiter. while there he meet many people, sees some unusual things, and find some new friends. They are Hazel and Frank. Both have some dangerous secrets but for now that can be ignored. Hazel is a girl who is around the same age as Percy and is the daughter of Pluto/Hades god of the under world. she has a long twisted past and doesn't like to talk about it much. Frank is a boy, who like Hazel is around Percy's age. his god parent is Mars/Aries the god of war. Like Hazel he has a twisted past but some times talks about it. After arriving at the camp and settling down, Percy and his friends go on a quest to Alaska to free a god. They stop in many other places, meet interesting people, and have plenty of action parts  & jokes to balance out every thing. Again you have to read the book to know how it ends.....

   I rate this book a 5/5 stars.

                                        book 3: the mark of Athena
                 This book begins with the main characters from our first book (Jason, Piper, and Leo. also Annabeth tags along.many may remember her from Percy Jackson and the Olympians.) and the main characters from our second book ( Percy, Hazel, and frank.) meet up and follow the prophecy about 7 demi-gods. while on their quest the two group have to work together even though the two camps are rivals. Trust is tested, people betrayed, and flying boats follow through out the book. On their trip to Rome many secrets get reveled, new villains appear at random times, and we follow the mark of Athena. More adventure and jokes are in store also a huge twist ending that will leave you squirming for the next book. But like the rest I leave it to you to find out every thing i left out by reading the book.

    I rate this a 5/5 stars.

I would like to thank you for reading this and to tell you sorry the next book isn't out soon. It doesn't even say when either! Amazon please tell me! Well I hope you enjoyed this. i might not attack three books next time. It was a little to much for me to take on but I got it done! Yay! It took me about 2 and a half hours. Sorry for the paragraphs getting shorter as I went through the books. But if I explained every thing you A.) wouldn't read the books. B.) would wonder what i forgot to mention from the book before  the one you where reading. Or C.) would get broad or have an information over load! I must get going because i need to eat. Also possibly finnish Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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    here are some pictures for my last post. ( as promised) Sorry they are out of order. Also another apology for them be all weird. ( like who that are set) I have never done a blog before so this new to me.

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         Hello, as many of you know (from reading my title of my blog page) my name is Kaitlynn. I love to read, listen to music, and watch tons of movies. Some of my favorite books are, Bone ( which is a comic book series), Rangers Apprentice (another book series), demon trappers daughter ( yet another book series), and list goes on forever. some of my favorite music artists are Lindsey Stirling, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, and the long list  of other artists. One of my most favorite bands is Paramore. Like the books and music I love many movies. Some of those movies are Night at the museum ( 1 and 2), Alice in wonderland ( both the new one and the old one), most Transformers t.v series or movies, and a nightmare before Christmas. I will post some pictures a little later of some of my favorite  things. (Sorry for those who were excited to see them now)  Right now I am reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy  by Douglas Adams. ( I promise to tell you all about how good it is when I finnish.  I should be in about 3 or 4 days  because I have some tests I need to study for and make up.)